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In "Boruto: Naruto the Movie," some insight on mysterious character, Mitsuki, was finally revealed. For a long time, fans wanted to know just who this kid was and where did he come from?

In the final trailer of the movie, it was revealed that he would tell his teammates Boruto and Sarada who his parents were. In a teasing-way, he wasn't showing saying their names but Boruto and Sarada's reactions were shown, making fans wonder even more about Mitsuki.

Well it turns out (SPOILER ALERT) that one of his parents was revealed.

His father is none other than... Orochimaru.

Many fans speculated this considering his pale white skin and yellow eyes and now the question is if he will be anything like Orochimaru or will he be his own character.

If so, a previous theory made on DesignnTrend will be confirmed about Mitsuki becoming a rival to Boruto and an Antagonist in the show. This would be similar to Sasuke's switch of sides in the previous series.

Talking about potential evil characters, what about Himawari Uzumaki?

In a new Naruto manga released recently called "Naruto Special Gaiden," for the first time, we see Himawari in action, literally. After Boruto pisses her off by ripping her teddy bear, she awakens the Byakugan and goes on the assault - quite consciously, it turns out. Later on, she even knocks out Naruto, causing him to miss his inauguration as Hokage. It's hard to tell if Himawari's wicked nature is one of comical relief or a part of the plot. At the end of the chapter, we see her mischievously searching for Boruto while the latter hides, terrified.

Is she set to become some kind of future antagonist in the series? Or is this mischievous nature of hers purely comical?

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'Naruto Shippuden' Episodes 423 Review & 424 Spoilers; New Installment ... - Venture Capital Post

Naruto Shippuden Episode 423 reviews the filler week wherein Naruto had returned to the Hidden Leaf Village. Episode 424 spoilers reveal that the plot of "To Rise Up" leads back Naruto and his friends to war.

From the Reddit discussion board, the opinions of the fans on how Naruto Shippuden episode 423 turned out are divided. Some are disappointed of the filler and side story of the previous episode. Reddit user HighFiveMinato said that the story line of 423 was crappy. Nonetheless, other avid fans said they had enjoyed watching the Shippuden previous installment. A fan (Zillough) in the discussion board said that he was satisfied. Another fan (Pemboa) positively commented that it was pretty enjoyable.

To recap the episode 423 of Naruto Shippuden, which has been taken from the YouTube post,the installment has been given a title of "Naruto's Rival."At this point, the span of time that has lapsed since Naruto set out to train with Jiraiya was already 3 years. During this time, Naruto just got back to Hidden Leaf Village. He was obliged to teach Konohamaru as he immediately begged Naruto to teach him a new jutsu. Of course, Naruto has taught him the basic but then his explanations have been very confusing in a sense.Shortly after, Naruto has been ready to set out for a mission, he left Konohamaru to work it out by himself.

As for the upcoming episode of Naruto Shippuden, spoilers have been leaked from the YouTube channel. It looks there are two things to look forward to in Episode 424. First, Sakura would finally profess her love for Naruto. It might be unbelievable not only for fans but even for Naruto himself. It is a puzzle in a sense that Sakura used to be head-over-heels in-love with Sasuke. The second thing to look forward in this episode is Hoshigake Kisame confronts Killer B, while Onoki would make a major decision in uniting with the Shinobi.

Naruto fans need to sit tight for the upcoming release of Naruto Shippuden episode 424.

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Naruto Gaiden 'The Day Naruto Became Hokage' Manga Recap: Much Needed ... -

If you thought the Naruto manga was done you’re...sort of correct. With the main Naruto Shippuden manga already ended and the Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring miniseries complete fans of Naruto are going through some withdrawal.

But with the release of Boruto: Naruto the Movie coming up in Japan, there’s another opportunity to get more Naruto goodness in manga form.

Not only will the Boruto movie be translated to the printed page -- like The Last: Naruto the Movie -- but there’s a special Naruto Gaiden one-shot that depicts the day Naruto becomes the Seventh Hokage.

It’s a cute one-shot that gives some much needed spotlight to Naruto and his family, which was lacking in the Gaiden mini.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into "The Day Naruto Became Hokage."

SPOILER ALERT: Goes without saying that the following will spoil the Naruto manga and anime. Proceed with caution.

The manga begins in the Uzumaki household where Hinata asks her children, Boruto and Himatawa, to wake up Naruto for breakfast.

Naruto is passed out asleep when his daughter tugs at him to wake him. Boruto walks in and says she won’t be able to wake him up being all cutesy and he proceeds to jump on Naruto, waking him up instantly.

The Uzumaki eats breakfast when Hinata tells Naruto that she will pick up his Haori for him. Naruto questions how it still isn’t finished and Hinata explains that the old lady who embroiders the haori insists she continue to work on it up to the day of the Hokage Inauguration. She has done it for all of the previous Hokages.

Hinata leaves and suggests to Naruto to head over to the venue first and take the kids. She will meet them there.

She picks up the Haori and races over to the venue. Kakashi asks if Naruto will be arriving soon and Hinata is shocked to find out he isn’t there yet. She leaves the Haori and races home to find out what happened.

Back at the Uzumaki household we find Boruto and Himawari fighting over a stuffed panda. She wants to bring it but Boruto says to leave it because she’ll fall asleep and he’ll be stuck carrying it all day. Naruto tells them to knock it off and get ready to leave.

narutoskidsfighting Boruto and Himawari fighting Shonen Jump

However, the stuffed animal rips in half and Boruto realizes he messed up preparing for his sister to start crying.

But out of nowhere, Himi’s Byakugan activates for the first time.

hima byakugan Himawari activating her Byakugan for the first time Shonen Jump

Boruto stands shocked as he sees her eyes are just like their mom’s. Boruto is thrown across the hall and Naruto comes to help his son. Boruto tells him that Himawari’s eyes have activated and Naruto is shocked to see it.

Himawari goes to deliver a devastating blow when Naruto jumps in between them to stop the two. However, Himawari hits Naruto with a gentle fist attack and it hits his chakra points.

narutotakesahit Himawari hitting her father's chakra points Shonen Jump

Back at the Hokage Inauguration, Kakashi wonders where Naruto is when Shikamaru says they have to go to Plan B. They call Konohamaru over and the ninja uses his transformation jutsu to impersonate Naruto as he accepts his Hokage-ship.

Hinata arrives to the house and sees her husband passed out on the floor. She recognizes his chakra points have been shut and wonders who could have done it.

In another part of the house, Boruto is hiding and thinks to himself how scary his sister is for one-shotting Naruto. Himawari is searching for her brother with a maniacal look.

And that’s the end of the one-shot. Himawari’s Byakugan is activated and we see what actually happened the day Naruto became Hokage.

Let us know how you enjoyed the one-shot in the comments section below.

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'Naruto Special Gaiden': Is Himawari Evil? Kishimoto Hints Toward Sequel Manga - Design & Trend

(Photo : Naruto Wikia) CyberConnect2 recently confirmed that Hanabi Hyuga, Hinata’s sister, will be a playable character in “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.”

A new Naruto manga released recently called "Naruto Special Gaiden" was prequel to "Boruto: Naruto the Movie" and many things were learned from the chapter.

For the first time, we see Himawari in action, literally. After Boruto pisses her off by ripping her teddy bear, she awakens the Byakugan and goes on the assault - quite consciously, it turns out. Later on, she even knocks out Naruto, causing him to miss his inauguration as Hokage. It's hard to tell if Himawari's wicked nature is one of comical relief or a part of the plot. At the end of the chapter, we see her mischievously searching for Boruto while the latter hides, terrified.

It's becoming obvious that Masashi Kishimoto is setting the stage for a new manga series related to the new generation of Konoha ninja. This is based on the fact that he has created many unsolved problems in the new Gaiden chapters and also in 'Boruto: Naruto the movie.'

In "Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage," Boruto is shown as resentful to his father for being a bad parent. The theme was further elaborated on in 'Boruto' and Boruto goes to Sasuke to become a better ninja and surpass his father.

And what about Himawari? Is she set to become some kind of future antagonist in the series? Or is this mischievous nature of hers purely comical?

It would be interesting to see some kind of rivalry dynamic between her and Boruto, or even see Himawari as a villain later on in the manga. It could be similar to Prince Zuko's relationship with his sister Princess Azula in "The Avatar."

In 'Boruto: Naruto the Movie,' Boruto is never really shown building a true relationship with his teammates. What about Mitsuki? In the movie, his father was revealed and considering who it is, huge questions will open up about his character.

What do you think? Is Kishimoto planning a sequel to Naruto Shippuden after all?

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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 New Screenshots Showcase Naruto ... - Geek Snack

Among the many features that will be included in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, the new entry of the series developed by CyberConnect 2 launching next year on consoles and PC, is an extensive story mode that will cover all the events of the manga’s storyline until its conclusion. Despite having received plenty of promotional material showcasing several of the gameplay features included in the upcoming game from CyberConnect 2, we haven’t seen much of this story mode. Thankfully this has changed today, thanks to a new batch of screenshots.

The new Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 screenshots that have been released today showcase the Naruto and Sasuke story mode selection screen as well as a battle against Hashirama and more. You can check out the new screenshots right below.

Last week a new Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 magazine scan has surfaced online. The scan, taken from the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine, revealed some new details of Sasuke story mode, showed the selection screen and a battle against Hashirama.

Last week some other Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 screenshots have surfaced online, showcasing the two DLC characters Boruto and Sarada. The two characters are only going to be available as pre-order bonus so make sure to pre-order the game as soon as possible if you want to play as the two characters taken from the Boruto: Naruto the Movie film, as they won’t apparently be sold separately after the game launches.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be released this February in all regions on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as confirmed by the game’s latest trailer released during Gamescom 2015 a few days ago. More details on the gameplay features of the new CyberConnect 2 developed game as well as more screenshots and gameplay videos will be coming soon so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father - Kotaku

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

We’ve seen Naruto as a hero and leader; now, in Boruto: Naruto the Movie we get to see him as a father. As it turns out, he’s pretty bad at it. That doesn’t mean this is a bad movie.

Boruto is basically two movies in one film. The first (and by far the better of the two) is the tale of the titular character. Boruto, son of Naruto and Hinata, is a headstrong child and an emotionally damaged oneâ€"largely due to his relationship with his father.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

From the start, Naruto has been driven to become the greatest Hokage ever. By the time Boruto takes place, he’s done much to attain that goal. The Village of the Leaf is more prosperous than ever before and the various nations are at peace. There have even been majorâ€"that is to say “ridiculously amazing”â€"technological advancements under his reign as well. (Seriously, they went from industrial revolution to computers and portable game systems in 15 years.)

Unfortunately, the best hokage makes for the worst father. Naruto is a workaholic. More than that, he uses his shadow clones constantly to help out with the work. The problem is, when it comes to important family events, he simply sends a clone instead of going himself. Sometimes, he doesn’t even bother with a clone, sending relatively impersonal emails instead.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

Watching not only himself but also his sister and mother being treated as secondary in importance for all of his life, Boruto has developed more than a small amount of hatred for his famous father. But behind that hate is the need to be recognized by his fatherâ€"to for once have Naruto put his own son before everything else.

To accomplish this, Boruto believes he must surpass his father. This drives him to try to do everything on his own, using shadow clones rather than trusting his own teammates and friends. He also goes to Sasuke, seeking to train under the wandering ninja to learn his father’s weak points.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

In training, Boruto is often quick to anger. For him, failure is not an option. To fail means that his father is justified in treating him as something of secondary importance.

Other characters play off of Boruto’s insecuritiesâ€"namely a pair of scientists who have developed a miniaturized scroll launcher that allows even low-powered ninjas to use powerful skills. By giving one of these devices to Boruto, they hope he will use it to pass his ninja qualification exam and prove the worth of the new invention. Of course, as Naruto has banned the device, using it is classified as cheating.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

Boruto is faced with a terrible choice: cheating but potentially earning the respect of his father and the people of the village or relying on his friends and his own power and likely failingâ€"proving his father’s neglect to be deserved (in his own mind at least).

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

Unfortunately, this all-too-human story of the difficult relationship between a father and son is derailed suddenly and completely by the arrival of the film’s “forgettable movie villain.”

At that moment, the film becomes another movie entirelyâ€"not one about Boruto, but one of pure fanservice where once again we watch Sasuke and Naruto go all out against a strong enemy in a lengthy, flashy fight scene.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

It is the best-looking Naruto fight scene I have ever seenâ€"and the animators deserve all the congratulations in the world for a job well done. However, the villain is completely irrelevant to Boruto’s story. He is only in the film to give it a climactic action sceneâ€"even as doing so horribly undercuts the rest of the film.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

Boruto’s role in the final act of the film is almost exclusively one of an onlookerâ€"gawking along with the rest of the audience at just how “cool” his father is. And while there is an attempt at some father-son bonding at the end of the battle, it serves as a weak and unbelievable resolution to their rocky relationship.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

More than that, many of the major themes of the film are left unresolved. Boruto never learns to rely on his teammates, and the ramifications of cheating are completely swept under the rug.

In the Boruto Movie, Naruto Is a Terrible Father

Boruto is a fantastic film that uses a tale of ninjas to explore the all-too-common real world problem of trouble between a busy father and a neglected sonâ€"until the final act where it becomes a cliché Naruto movie about Naruto punching a villain really hard.

Last year’s Naruto movie, fittingly called The Last, was billed as the final Naruto-centric story. If only that had turned out to be true.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie was released in Japanese theaters on August 7, 2015. It will be coming to US theaters later this year.

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